Credit card: terms of use, reviews

Bank has limited the variety of cards, combining all the advantages of the previous series in one product – “Multicard”. Moreover, such a card can be both debit and credit, and salary. According to “”, the product from Bank occupies the leading places. How does the offer of this bank differ from alternative ones in other companies? In this article, we consider a Bank credit card: terms of use and reviews.

“Multicard” – all options in one card


If you look at the line of Tinkoff or Sberbank credit cards, you may find that there are a lot of different options from which your eyes are spread. Having visited the site of these organizations or the office of the company, the client begins to get lost in choosing the right product for themselves.

In some credit cards cashback increased, in others – low interest rates for cash withdrawals, in the third – miles are credited. Someone collaborates with Aeroflot, somewhere a card for profitable online purchases. And choosing a suitable credit card becomes a really difficult task requiring a professional approach.

The marketing specialists of Bank also paid attention to this. Therefore, they created a single card that combines all the necessary conditions. This is a collection of options, in which the bank does not decide what the client needs, but the client himself determines which options are relevant for him at the current moment, and moreover, for the current month.

So, as mentioned earlier, all Bank cards are combined into one common product – Multicard. In this case, the client can choose for himself several options:

  • debit card;
  • salary card;
  • credit card.

All products have a single system of options. Terms of service are also the same, but taking into account the specification of the direction of the card. This article focuses on lending, and more specifically on a credit card from Bank.

Credit card “Multicard”

Bank Gold Credit Card provides for a credit limit of up to 1 million rubles. The grace period is standard for classic offers and is not more than 50 days. The card provides a cashback of up to 10% for non-cash spending. At the same time card service can be free. The percentage of purchases and cash withdrawals is 26%. Consider each aspect in more detail.

Interest rate

She is 26%. It doesn’t matter whether a customer commits transactions on the Internet, buys goods at a point of sale or withdraws money from ATMs of any bank — the annual percentage will be the same.

The only additional condition is a one-time cash withdrawal fee. It is 5.5% of the withdrawal amount, with the minimum condition of 300 rubles. Therefore, it may not be so profitable to withdraw money, but it can be done at any ATM, it is not necessary to use technical devices of Bank.

Grace period

Grace period

Using money without paying interest rates is the most profitable use of credit cards. Classic grace period – 50 days. Bank uses a standard and understandable to many scheme. The company divides the periods of use of the card into settlement and payment.

Estimated period – a month when you can make purchases. This is a calendar month from first to last.

Payment term – the month that follows the settlement. During this period, you must make the full amount of the debt or pay at least the minimum payment by the 20th day.

Grace period, respectively, the totality of the payment and billing period. Thus, it can reach 50 days.

For example, if you buy Commodity-1 in the amount of 10,000 rubles on October 15, Commodity-2 in the amount of 5,000 rubles on October 25, then before November 20 you can return 15,000 without interest.

It should be borne in mind that the interest-free period does not apply to cash withdrawals. Therefore, a credit card is always considered as an instrument of mutual settlement with sellers at the expense of bank money. For the withdrawal and storage of your own funds, we recommend that you consider a “Multicard” debit or payroll.



The reward for using the card is what makes card products profitable and attractive for borrowers. Bank cashback is one for all types of cards. And the client has the right to choose the category of interest.

Under the terms of the promotion, a single cashback of 2% for all purchases is currently provided in the month of receiving the card. The reward itself is provided by payment systems such as Visa or MasterCard. But they return only 0.5%. Therefore, you can find cards with cashback in any bank.

All interest rates that are above a specified percentage are provided by a banking organization through partnerships with retail outlets. Bank provides for a cashback only if the card or the totality of cards issued to the customer made purchases for the month by more than 5,000 rubles. The more spending, the higher the reward. The bank offers several categories to choose from:

  • standard cache – up to 2%;
  • “auto” direction – up to 10%;
  • direction “restaurants” – up to 10%;
  • “collection” bonuses – up to 4%;
  • travel bonuses – up to 4%.

Consider how the money is accrued.

Standard cashback

In this option, the reward can reach a maximum of 2% of the amount spent. In this case, cashback per month can not be more than 15,000 rubles. It is distributed as follows:

  • spending 5 000–15 000 – 1%;
  • 15,000–75,000– 1.5%;
  • 75,000 and more – 2%.

Auto or restaurants

The user can select this category, if by believes that in the current month it will be beneficial to him:

  • spending 5 000 -15 000 – 2%;
  • 15,000 – 75,000 – 5%;
  • 75,000 and more – 10%.

Purchases are summarized on the card, and the remuneration is charged only for those expenses that were made in this category. Under the “auto” means the payment of gasoline at gas stations or parking. And the category of “restaurants” includes restaurants and cafes, as well as entertainment facilities, such as cinema, theaters and others.

Collection or travel

“Collection” is a special bonus program developed by Bank. You can exchange your accumulated points only for the goods offered by the bank. This can be done through a personal account. The system is distributed as follows:

  • spending 5 000–15 000 – 1%;
  • 15,000–75,000 – 2%;
  • 75,000 and more – 4%.

Tariffing is implied in the form of 1% = 1 bonus. 1 bonus is charged for 30 rubles of expenses. Accordingly, 2% = 2 bonuses for 30 rubles of purchases. And 4% = 4 bonuses for 30 rubles. Conversion is made at the rate of 1 bonus = 30 kopecks.

An alternative to the collection is travel. This option is interesting for those who like to travel abroad. You can buy plane or train tickets for accumulated miles, as well as book a hotel room or rent a car. Distribution:

  • spending 5 000–15 000 – 1%;
  • 15,000–75,000 – 2%;
  • 75,000 and more – 4%.

Tariffication: 1% = 1 mile per 100 rubles of purchases. And by analogy and so on. And the conversion is quite transparent: 1 mile = 1 ruble. Both in the “collection” category and in the “travel” category, bonuses are charged at the 4% tariff in the first month. You can exchange earned points through your personal bank account.

Credit limit

Credit limit


The bank can provide the borrower 1 000 000 rubles. This is the maximum offer, which, rather, is available to loyal customers who have a successful relationship with Bank in terms of lending. Also priority is given to potential borrowers who receive wages on a card from Bank. In all cases, the issue is decided on an individual basis; the credit limit is affected by:

  • credit history;
  • income level;
  • relationship of the bank to the borrower.

Reward Calculator

Reward Calculator


In addition to the fact that the site can form an application, it provides for the calculation of the premium for using the card. Simply select the desired cashback category and indicate which card spending is planned to be made per month. For example, at a cost of 20 000 rubles per month, the system calculates 5,200 miles. It also gives a hint that a train from Moscow to Kazan can be reached within 2,800 miles.

The good news is that you can get up to 5 cards for all family members. Thus, the number of accrued bonuses will grow in the aggregate, which will allow you to accumulate a reasonable number of points.

So, with spending 50,000 rubles for all the cards on the account will be 13,000 miles at the end of the year. Which means that you can get from Moscow to Riga for free of charge for 12,000 miles.



It would seem that such conditions should imply that this credit card will be expensive to maintain, about 2,500 or even 4,000 rubles a month, like bonus cards at other banks. But it is not. Card service can be completely free. This can be achieved by several methods:

  • the amount of purchases per month exceeds 15,000 rubles;
  • There is more than 15,000 rubles on the debit or salary card account.

It follows two options:

  1. If the client is sure that he spends more than 15,000 rubles a month, then you can safely draw up a credit card and use it for free.
  2. In order to secure yourself, you can additionally open a debit card for free and store a minimum balance of 15,000 rubles on it.

If you do not meet these conditions, the card can be really expensive – 249 rubles per month. That is equivalent to the cost per year in the amount of 2 988 rubles. This price corresponds to the level of premium cards.